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Black Forest Inn

1 E 26th St
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 872-0812

Parking: Free Lot
Patio: Yes

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This Place Sucks
(Note: The only reason this place gets one star is because a rating is required to post a review! Otherwise there would be no stars.) Last night I was joining my friends for dinner at Black Forest Inn in Minneapolis. They wanted to try the food and we had never been there before. I arrived and went to join them on the "famous" courtyard patio. The chairs are old dingy flimsy wire contraptions and the floor is old half rotten bricks (installed in 1971 probably) that are badly in need of som... (more)
  - by JamesG5223 on Sep 02 '10

Black Forest Inn. An oasis in Minneapolis.
This is one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. The Schnitzel is amazing. Where else can you find Sauerkraut so sweet and delicious. If you have a drop of German in you or perhaps just the stomach of one, this restaurant is an EASY decision.
  - by theSoundofBeauty on Feb 17 '09

A lot of the bad reviews are off.
I understand that the food is slightly high priced (10-25 dollars) but I just read a review saying that a slice of veal is 25 dollars with no sides, and that sides are 10 dollars extra. For 35 dollars you can get more food than two people could possibly finish and a mug of beer each. Point is, if you like German food, Black Forest is good. The service can be amazing or slow depending on the server you get, the cocktails are slightly overpriced, the atmosphere is great on nights and weekends e... (more)
  - by snaxel on Dec 08 '08

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